The Dream Reel

by Fox Hollow

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Fox Hollow would like to thank Greg Brown, Dan Coners, Kate Coners, Dan Cox, Fatimah Darab, Stephanie DeFina, Shadman Islem, Ryan Meyers, Nagymama, Audrey Ney, Karl Ney, Sandra Ney, Will Ney, Costas Themistocleous, Kim Themistocleous, Michael Themistocleous, Stephanie Trudell, Brody Walsh


released April 14, 2017

Michael Themistocleous: Vocals/Guitar
Joseph Oliveto: Guitar
Dan DeLucia: Bass
Chris Swift: Drums
Lyle the Corgi: Vocals

Recorded and Mixed by Ryan Meyers in Syosset, NY
Artwork by Brian Parisi



all rights reserved


Fox Hollow New York

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Track Name: The Dream Reel
Be my plateau,
At least we're on a road
Lost in a reel of dream,
An old familiar but now unknown
Burdened by a bridge,
Our smiles turn to stone.
It sinks, heavy as a ghost.
The weather strikes and we erode.

I caught a glimpse of your immense soul.
It slipped an echo as it rung.
What thoughts would say of tomorrow?
Pull out their prying tongues.
To tease a fire for a flood,
What match will strike first?

A silver lining may glitter,
But it's there to cover up;
And there we stay, frauds and fakes.
Translucent skin to shed a snake.
Build to adapt,
But still bewildered
Taking it as it all goes under.
We're each so gilded.
Digging through the dirt,
There's always room for more
Searching for a clearer spot,
And in our dreams, we do implore.

I shadowed your silhouette to be cast off into the dark.

I took the high road, but it caved in too soon.
I should have followed you out of the room.
Spun like a tale from the moon,
We hit the sun too soon.

The tapes have been destroyed.
The booth has made mistakes.
We are just glimpses of the dreams we have forgotten.
Track Name: June
I can love you in secret
Find middle ground with you.
Laying in our bed,
Wait for the ceiling to crash through.
It never did.

Drunken monologues,
Swollen in size.
Becoming our own response,
Stolen inside.

If time is relative, then we're all wasting time.
We've run along our colours, built up by the mass.
You say that you love me through rose tinted glass.

Who knew it'd be that quick,
for the tears to evolve from wit?
The trap has had enough of it.
The silence deafens and snaps.
Meet me at high noon,
We're caught on the same tracks.

Holding onto nothing, we've lost our grip.
Tiny submarines in our vessels, we've gone soft.
You say that love me, why don't you fuck off?
Track Name: Tennessee Whiskey
I run around pretending I sold my soul to the devil for you.
Black eyes, love bites, I don't know the difference anymore.

I'm tripping on my tongue and your hands are around my neck.
Head hits the ground, well, it needed a rest.
Your fire-y black eyes, that liquid on our breath,
But that was just a dream, keeping my head in check.

So I keep a glass in hand,
Fill it with old number 7 brand,
And I work my way backwards through the words I'm tripping over.

Now I don't know where we stand, but I do know where I stumble over to
The room is going black and the memories faded blue.

I feel I'm racing to the bottom, just to fill it to the top.
Is it your silence that puts me on this non stop?
Losing my mind to you, just another glass.
It's hitting harder and hard, just another glass.
Track Name: Strangers to Ourselves
Who would have thought you would've ended friendships with the people you've become?
Digging past the surface with nowhere left to be dug.
Exchanges of shrugs, "I hope you understand", the words are numb.
Through the what if's, maybes, and reruns.

Tampered with the escape route.
The lantern leads us into the dark.
I'll burn out soon.
It's getting too real, we need something to dilute.
I've fallen short of the mark.
I've fallen through.
I've fallen through.

(I guess we'll just have to ride this winter out)

You were sitting on the carpet looking at some old photos.
I was looking at you looking at a picture of me.
You forced a smile as tears hugged your cheeks.
My bones were stone as you rolled up in grief.
Bittersweet lips coated in wine and caffeine.
"Do you remember when we were happy?"
"No, I don't".

I don't feel any closer to you,
Find a reason not to leave.
With my head on the ground under yours,
It gets harder and harder to breathe.
Skipping stones sinking,
the loss of identity.
There's no one left to police me anymore,
I'm following the enemy.